Welcome to the commons FAQs in YachtX coin, for further inquires please do not hesitate to reach out to YachtX through email or any communication channels.

What does YachtX coin do?

  • The purpose of this coin is to facilitate luxury holidays with cheaper payments for the services used from YachtX coin.

How to book from YachtX?

  • On the website, select the booking tab and select the type of service you desire. Then choose which communication channels you want to contact your YachtX Exclusive personal assistant.

What does an Exclusive personal assistant do?

  • Your Exclusive personal assistant helps you with the booking of each service from the YachtX platform, guiding you from the beginning to the end of your booking journey.

What is a YachtX NFTs?

  • YachtX NFT provides different types of designs such as for booking hotels, villas, yachts, and airplanes, YachtX will have a unique design for each service which can be kept as a luxury collection from our partners.

How will we receive YachtX NFTs?

  • With every booking our customers make from YachtX platform, you shall receive a limited edition NFT for free as an exclusive collection that can be minted from OpenSea.

Where can I buy YachtX coin?

  • As for now, YachtX coin can be bought on Pancake Swap and DODO exchange, links are on the website, and as for the wallet address,


Why collect YachtX coin NFT?

  • YachtX coin NFT is a limited edition luxury collectible that shows each of the services you’ve purchased its own uniqueness. Each YachtX NFT will have a limited time span which makes each of our NFTs a rare items. As well as it will be a memorable collection for each of the trips/holidays you’ve been to with our services.

What do you expect to see YachtX coin in the future?

  • In the future YachtX will be well renowned with the luxury tourism companies around the world giving the coin more diversification as well as credibility hence will expand your holiday even further.